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Can You Get A Concealed Carry Permit Online In Oklahoma?

Quick Answer

In Oklahoma, individuals can obtain a concealed carry permit by completing a firearm safety class, submitting an application online or in person, visiting the local sheriff’s office, and meeting the necessary requirements and qualifications. The permit can be valid for five or ten years, and there are different options for residents and non-residents. It’s important to note that while Oklahoma has reciprocal agreements with other states, individuals who choose not to obtain a permit in Oklahoma and travel to a state that requires one will be subject to the laws of that state.


Concealed carry permits are an important aspect of firearm ownership, allowing individuals to legally carry a concealed handgun for self-defense purposes. In the state of Oklahoma, obtaining a concealed carry permit is relatively straightforward and involves following specific steps outlined by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). This article will provide you with comprehensive information on how to obtain a concealed carry permit in Oklahoma, including requirements, qualifications, application process details, and frequently asked questions.

Whether you’re considering getting your first concealed carry permit or renewing an existing one after November 1 when Constitutional Carry went into effect in Oklahoma – this guide has got you covered. Understanding the regulations surrounding carrying firearms responsibly can help ensure that lawful gun owners exercise their rights safely and within legal boundaries.

Understanding Concealed Carry Permits in Oklahoma

Concealed carry permits play a crucial role in allowing individuals to legally carry concealed firearms for self-defense purposes. In the state of Oklahoma, obtaining a concealed carry permit is an option even after the implementation of Constitutional Carry on November 1.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation’s website provides valuable information regarding concealed carry licenses. According to their guidelines, eligible individuals can apply for or renew a concealed carry license through the Handgun Licensing unit. The bureau has been authorized by law to issue these licenses and establish rules and procedures necessary for their implementation.

Having a valid concealed carry permit offers several advantages beyond just legal compliance. It allows gun owners greater flexibility when it comes to carrying firearms discreetly while ensuring personal safety remains paramount.

One significant benefit that should not be overlooked is reciprocity agreements with other states. These agreements mean that if you have obtained an Oklahoma concealed carry permit, it may be recognized by other states, allowing you to legally carry concealed in those states as well.

How to Obtain a Concealed Carry Permit in Oklahoma

Step 1: Complete a firearm safety class

In order to obtain a concealed carry permit in Oklahoma, the first step is to complete a firearm safety class. This requirement ensures that individuals have the necessary knowledge and skills for safe handling and use of firearms. The certificate from this class must be provided as part of the application process.

Step 2: Apply online or in person

Once you have completed the required firearm safety class, you can proceed with applying for your concealed carry permit. In Oklahoma, applicants have two options – they can apply online or download and complete a physical application form. Physical applications are also available at local sheriff’s offices.

Step 3: Visit the local sheriff’s office

Regardless of whether you choose to apply online or through a physical application form, it is mandatory to visit your local sheriff’s office after completing all necessary paperwork. During this visit, bring along either an application summary (if applied online) or the completed hard copy application form.

Additionally, make sure to bring two color passport-style photos along with other required documents such as your driver’s license/state ID card and training certificate obtained during Step 1 – completion of firearm safety course.

The purpose behind visiting your local sheriff’s office is primarily related towards verifying identification details mentioned on submitted forms while ensuring compliance with state regulations regarding issuance procedures.

Step 4: Wait for approval

After submitting all relevant documentation at your county Sheriff’s Office, the next step involves waiting for approval. Once approved by authorities, you will receive notification via mail confirming acceptance status.

It should be noted that processing times may vary depending upon various factors including volume received by respective agencies so patience might be needed throughout duration until final decision has been made.

By following these four steps – completing a firearm safety class, application submission, and verification procedure – one would successfully navigate their way through obtaining a concealed carry permit in Oklahoma.

Requirements and Qualifications for a Concealed Carry Permit in Oklahoma

Age requirements:

To obtain a concealed carry permit in Oklahoma, applicants must be at least 21 years old. However, active-duty military members who are at least 18 years old can also apply.

Citizenship and residency requirements:

Applicants must be either U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents with established residency in the state of Oklahoma to qualify for a concealed carry permit.

Disqualifying factors:

There are certain disqualifying factors that may prevent individuals from obtaining a concealed carry permit in Oklahoma. These include felony convictions, domestic violence convictions, restraining orders related to harassment or stalking offenses, mental health issues including involuntary commitments or adjudications as mentally incompetent by any court within five years preceding the application date.

Training requirements:

In order to meet the training requirement for obtaining a concealed carry permit in Oklahoma, applicants must complete an eight-hour firearms safety and training course conducted by certified instructors. This course covers various topics such as firearm safety rules and procedures; safe handling practices; storage methods; ammunition knowledge; firing techniques; proper cleaning procedures of handguns used during class instruction time only (no live fire); criminal provisions under relevant laws relating specifically but not limited solely towards carrying weapons openly versus concealing them while on public property where it is legal according local ordinances governing these matters too if applicable based upon jurisdictional boundaries set forth hereinabove mentioned earlier statements made elsewhere throughout this document which shall remain binding until otherwise amended accordingly without prejudice whatsoever against anyone involved parties concerned herewithin aforementioned terms conditions stipulated hereinafter contained henceforth referred collectively known simply stated “the Act” itself being referenced thereto whenever necessary appropriate context arises thereof so long they pertain directly indirectly subject matter discussed hereinbefore described above previously indicated beforehand provided prior notice given sufficient opportunity afforded all interested affected persons entities organizations agencies authorities jurisdictions governments bodies politic instrumentalities corporations partnerships associations societies clubs groups unions guilds leagues federations alliances coalitions confederacies consortiums syndicates trusts foundations estates individuals natural persons artificial legal entities including but not limited thereto any other form business enterprise whatsoever regardless whether profit non-profit nature thereof.

These training courses are designed to ensure that applicants have a thorough understanding of firearm safety, handling techniques, storage practices, ammunition knowledge and firing methods. It is important for applicants to choose certified instructors who can provide comprehensive instruction in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

By meeting these requirements and qualifications, individuals can apply for a concealed carry permit in Oklahoma and exercise their right to legally carry a concealed handgun within the state’s boundaries.

Fees and Terms for a Concealed Carry Permit in Oklahoma

Processing time and duration of the permit:

The processing time for obtaining a concealed carry permit in Oklahoma can vary. It typically takes around 90 days from the date of application submission to receive approval or denial notification by mail. However, this timeframe may be subject to change depending on various factors such as workload and background checks.

Once approved, the duration of the concealed carry permit can also differ based on individual preferences. Applicants have two options when it comes to selecting their desired term length – either five years or ten years from the date of issue.

Different permit options based on residency:

In terms of residency, there are different types of permits available for individuals seeking a concealed carry license in Oklahoma. The primary distinction is between resident permits and non-resident permits.

Resident Permits:

  • Resident permits are issued to those who meet all eligibility requirements while being permanent residents within state boundaries.
  • These licenses allow holders not only to conceal but also openly carry firearms throughout Oklahoma.

Non-Resident Permits:

  • Non-residents who wish to obtain an out-of-state concealed handgun license must fulfill specific criteria set forth by law.
  • Currently, active-duty military personnel stationed within Oklahoma along with their spouses qualify for non-residential licensing privileges.

Renewal process and expiration dates:

To maintain continuous legal authorization regarding carrying handguns discreetly or unconcealed under applicable laws governing self-defense acts in Oklahoman territory; renewal procedures should be followed before your existing license expires.

It’s important that applicants initiate renewals well ahead (within three months) prior expiry since late applications will require starting afresh rather than simply extending validity periods without additional training obligations if submitted after expiration has occurred more than three years ago.

Please note that fees associated with applying/renewing these licenses might fluctuate over time due primarily because they’re determined at county levels where local sheriff offices handle processing. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult the respective county sheriff office or visit their official website for accurate and up-to-date fee information.

Remember that concealed carry permits are subject to state laws which may change periodically; therefore, staying informed about any updates is crucial in order to remain compliant with regulations governing firearm possession and usage within Oklahoma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a concealed carry permit online in Oklahoma?

No, currently there is no provision for obtaining a concealed carry permit online in Oklahoma. Applicants must either apply online or download and complete a physical application form. Physical applications can also be obtained from the local sheriff’s office.

Can military personnel stationed in Oklahoma obtain a concealed carry permit?

Yes, active-duty military personnel and their spouses stationed in Oklahoma are eligible to obtain non-resident concealed carry licenses. They need to meet all the necessary requirements and qualifications outlined by the state of Oklahoma.

What are the training requirements for a concealed carry permit?

To obtain a concealed carry permit in Oklahoma, applicants must complete an eight-hour firearms safety and training course conducted by certified instructors within three years prior to applying. The course covers various topics including firearm safety, handling techniques, storage practices, ammunition knowledge as well as criminal provisions related to firearms under Oklahoman law.

Can a concealed carry permit be renewed after it has expired?

Yes, concealed carry permits can be renewed within a certain period before the expiration date. However, if a license has expired more than three years ago, a new application process must be started.

What are the disqualifying factors for obtaining a concealed carry permit?

There are several disqualifying factors for obtaining a concealed carry permit in Oklahoma, including felony convictions, certain misdemeanor convictions, mental health issues, and being subject to a protective order. It is important to review the specific requirements and qualifications outlined by the state of Oklahoma to determine eligibility.


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