When to Hoist Your Jeep with a Bronco Hoist-A-Top?

2021 Ford Bronco

The new Ford Bronco follows much of the traditional Jeep’s design, including an option for a durable hardtop that offers a high level of versatility for Jeep owners.

Yet, as many Jeep owners will attest to, removing a Jeep’s hardtop can be tricky and challenging to do on your own. Of course, the same will likely apply to the new Ford Bronco’s hardtop.

Fortunately, the new Bronco Hoist-A-Top will also be released soon, so Bronco owners can rest easy, knowing that they don’t have to remove and replace their hardtops manually.

Still, one common question users ask is, “when do you need to hoist your Jeep with a Bronco top hoist?”

When Do You Need a Bronco Top Hoist?

So, when do you need a hardtop hoist for your new Ford Bronco? In general, you need a hardtop hoist when:

  • You want to quickly and conveniently remove the hardtop.

Like the other models, the Bronco Hoist-A-Top offers users a convenient and seamless way to remove and replace a Jeep’s hardtop. With this, you don’t have to risk suffering from injuries and accidents from trying to remove the hardtop on your own.

This hardtop hoist easily attaches to your Bronco’s hardtop, lifting and removing the hardtop in just minutes. Not only does it eliminate the need for grueling physical labor, but it also saves you on time and energy needed to remove or replace your hardtop.

  • You want to keep your Bronco’s hardtop intact.

Many hardtop hoists require you to attach something or drill into your hardtop so that the hoist system can lift your Jeep’s hardtop. However, with the new Bronco top hoist, you no longer have to.

This is because this mechanism was specifically designed for the Ford Bronco, so the tool simply attaches to your Jeep’s hardtop without the need for drilling or gluing. With this, you can keep your Bronco’s hardtop intact and free from holes.

The frame is also powder-coated and comes with rubber hooks, so you don’t have to worry about the potential damages to your hardtop’s finish from using metal against metal.

  • You want a long-lasting system that works.

Much like the other models, the new Bronco Hoist-A-Top will also feature a heavy-duty steel frame that can attach and lift your hardtop with no issues.

Aside from that, the powder-coated nature of the frame ensures it’s well-protected against the elements so that you can enjoy a long-lasting performance and better durability.

  • You want to save space in your garage.

This new Bronco top hoist is also an excellent way if you’re looking to save space in your crowded garage since the structure is sturdy enough to carry your Bronco’s hardtop for long periods.

As a result, it serves as a convenient vertical storage space that keeps the hardtop out of the way when not in use. The hoist’s profile is also sleek and slim, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space when you’re not using it.


The new Ford Bronco has everyone excited, and the new Bronco Hoist-A-Top only makes it better. After all, whether it’s convenience or storage space that you want, this new hardtop hoist can surely make removing and replacing your Bronco’s hardtop easier and more efficient.