Valid Reasons the OCP is Best in Comparison to the Earlier Uniforms

OCP Uniforms

The OCP Uniforms have found their new suitor, and it is the U.S. Air Force. The OCP is completely smitten, and the Air Force has no secret about its green and garb in desert-shaded areas that it adopts the uniform happing branch-wide.

The Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Confirms that this will not be undergoing a change overnight, and it will be a four-year phase-in period. Once the change is done and it is final, the OCP will offer the best advantage over the ABU, and everyone wearing it will be happy. Here are the five benefits of wearing OCP uniforms.


Functionality and color

Green is better to grey or blue color in the military operations. A few arenas favor the mix of blue and grey over the greens and browns, offering natural blending. The OCP features glorious pockets. It favors the functionality in the outside blending with the environment greens and browns, while it also suits the open desert areas.


The OCP uniforms are about the uniformity. The dismissal of morale shirt was simpler as there is a strict need to maintain uniformity. As all the ranks will be wearing the same OCP, there will be uniformity maintained.


The Air Force can save a lot of money on having one uniform as standard. Removing the uniform is a process when there is a permanent change in duty station or deployments. It means there will not be a big loss, and buying fewer uniforms is enough. It means you can save cash, and it can be spent on buying other accessories such as glow belts.


The earlier version of OCP was the ABU, and the predecessor of ABU was the official duty uniform, the BDU. It was worn for a period of three decades. The ABU also lasted for almost a decade, and it is expected that this new OCP uniforms will see a longer lifespan as back in line as uniform iteration.

Aesthetically pleasing

Plainly speaking, the OCP uniforms do look much better. The functions of the Air Force not only look better but also will have interactions looking sharp. The uniform blends perfectly with the natural environment, and the new features have replaced Velcro making the uniform comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The changes are for the best and are done taking into several feedbacks.

Until recently, the Scorpion OCP commercial license was unavailable. It means there was no other way of buying the OCP, except for waiting or getting it from the AAFES stores or through government issue. Now the government is giving away commercial licenses to several manufacturers that the OCP fabric is in high production.

Apart from OCP fabric availability, there are additional accessories and garments that are easily available. It includes helmet covers, combat shirts, and hats. Considering the availability beyond the government issues and AAFES Stores, is the only online source for the uniform. The OCP uniforms for all the U.S. Army from October 2019 have become mandatory possession.