Contact Divorce Lawyer Utah City to Have the Legal Matters Resolved

Are you thinking to put an end to your relationship, the foremost question to consider is if you are married or not. You may be married by ‘common law’ or in a ceremony. In case you are married you have to put an end to your relationship by filing a divorce.

If you are over 18 years and have held as married, you have to decide for yourselves. Though the judge will consider your actions if you have used the last names as same, if you have a child together and if people told you were married or have filed tax returns together or have leased an apartment as wife and husband. There are many things that it is best to hire or at least consult a divorce attorney utah.

Grounds for divorce

Availing a divorce means you should show the reasons or grounds for divorce. Mostly incompatibility is the common reason. You and your spouse are incompatible and one is ready to testify willingly that you are unable to get along with the other partner that you want a divorce. There are other common reasons such as adultery and abandonment for a year.

On contacting a divorce lawyer Utah, you will come to know that to file a divorce; you must be living for 6 months in Oklahoma. You must also file the case in the place your spouse lives or in the place you lived for a period of 30 days at least.

Child custody

The court decides the custody of children born to both of you, even if they were born prior to marriage. In case, you are unable to reach on custody agreement, there will be a trial held by the court to decide the best interests of the child. The judges will ask you to go for mediation such that a neutral third person tries helping you to agree. Yet, knowing Oklahoma fathers rights is a must as sometimes if you both agree for joint custody, you will have to decide on major decisions affecting the kids.